International Food Week

This week is international food week so we’re are having a different countries food every day this week. Monday is an American themed menu we ¬†had beefburgers ,roll or hot-dog with American fries salad and sweetcorn muffins. Tuesday was Italian day we had minestrone soup spaghetti bolognaise¬†pizza(cheese or pepperoni) garlic bread salad and peas Neapolitan ice cream. today were having Chili con crane or chicken fajita mixed salad choc and chili mousse. Thursday is UK day were having leek and potato soup roust beef and Yorkshire pudding scotch pie cheese and onion pastie peas and sweetcorn colcanon potato ice cream tubs. Friday is French day soup a l’ oignon poisson pane poulet chaseur ratatouille pommes fritters baguettes Haricorts vertes pan au chocolate.




By Jordan Brown

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