Harvest Assembly

CSSS Primary are having a pupils only Harvest Assembly tomorrow. This year, the pupils have decided to donate any donations to a local charity, The Gate Foodbank. Any donations of items such as tinned foods, pasta, rice, coffee etc would be gratefully received. Thanks to those who have already donated. Every item helps someone in crisis.


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Hello my name is Heather. I am a teacher at Secondary School Support. I teach Computing and Maths. I really enjoy teaching and watching young people reach their full potential. In my spare time I like to go kayaking and cycling.

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The Eclipse

On Friday the 20th of March 2015. We all gathered in Bruce’s classroom to watch the eclipse.  We used a welding mask to watch the eclipse without damaging our eyes.  We went out an saw it at 9:30 am and came back in at 9:36. It was interesting because the next time we see it we will be in our 20’s of 30’s and we will remember when we first saw it.

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