CSSS Primary

Our school

We support primary aged pupils with a range of additional support needs.


CSSS Primary is housed within Park Primary, Alloa. We are an inclusive school and adopt a nurturing approach to engage our young people. We provide a bespoke curriculum for our pupils, providing each individual with opportunities to achieve and attain their full potential. Every child has an individualised education plan each term, targeting success across literacy, numeracy and health and well-being. We offer a range of learning experiences such as wall climbing, urban rebound, skiing, swimming and Bikeability.



Our staff

Our highly skilled staff work closely with pupils to build positive relationships built on mutual respect. Pupils thrive in our small group learning environments to learn the necessary skills required to reintegrate back into mainstream education which is, ultimately, our long term goal.

Leisa Starkey (Principal teacher responsible for day to day running of CSSS Primary)

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Our Rooms

psss blu

Blue Room

The Blue Room is used as a classroom. It’s joined on to the kitchen so there is lots of space to learn and play. Mrs Richardson and Natalie work in this room with some of our P3 and P4 pupils. Lots of exciting learning and teaching happens in the Blue Room from science experiments to creating fact files on tablets!

psss pink

Pink Room

Mrs Clark and Mrs Dryden work in the Pink Room with some of our P5 and P6 pupils. The Pink Room is our low stimulus room where pupils follow a task reward system and have their own rule of the week. Pupils in the Pink Room do lots of tasks from work on Spelling City to silent reading at their own desks.

main off - psss

Main Office

Our office is a busy place with lots going on from Mrs Cashmore, our administrator, answering phone calls to Stevie, one of our support workers, shredding sheets of paper. As well as this, the office is used as a staff room. Photocopiers, telephones, keyboards, kettles, laughter… It’s a busy room! Nearly forgot…it also doubles up as a resource room. We’ve just had lovely new units fitted. Lucky us!

csss kitchen


At CSSS Primary we are very lucky to have a brand new kitchen where we can cook and bake everything from cottage pie to chocolate cookies! We are a Health Promoting School, so cookies and cakes are definitely treats. We do like treats!

psss green

Green Room

The Green Room is a classroom used by Mrs Wright, Zoe and another Mrs Wright! How confusing? The two Mrs Wrights and Zoe work with some our pupils from P4-P6. Lots of hard work takes place in the Green Room from Big Maths to creating using Pic Collage on iPads.

psss turq room

Turquoise Room

Some P6 and P7 pupils work in the Turquoise Room with Mr Stein, Mrs McNally and Sue. Lots of creative craft creations happen in this room as well as exciting enterprise experiences. We’ve made money by making and selling items from bookmarks to smoothies. This has helped a lot with our financial maths.

Small Office psss

Small Office

Mrs Nichols and Miss Starkey work in here. This is a much quieter office where we hold meetings. If you’re lucky enough you might get a tea or a coffee!

quiet room

Quiet Room

This is our low stimulus withdrawal space. It’s a small room where pupils can go if they need some time out or time in. Staff use this space to support pupils on a 1:1 basis. This may involve reading a story, playing with sensory objects, completing tasks or talking and listening.