Eco-Schools Report


Thank you for the most welcoming, well planned and informative visit. The strength of the ethos and the degree of ownership of the Eco-Schools environmental management system felt by the students was evident from the presentations made during the visit. The thoughtful way your students on the committee described their participation was excellent. In particular the way they explained how they liaised with partners in a pro-active manner. The ASDAN results achieved evidence and reflect brilliant participative learning.

The coordination, organisation and operation of your committee’s whole school approach makes an excellent case study for Eco-Schools Scotland to use for training. The action plans are SMART and recognise the overlap between topics and the opportunities for IDL and cross-curricular work.

It was a delight to see the students demonstrate the fantastic range and depth of inter-disciplinary learning used to embed sustainable development education. The rewarding experience your students have through the International links and rights education was palpable. The contribution of every department was evident. It will be exciting to follow the progress of your initiatives.


In summary, the empowerment of the pupils was a credit to the subtle support of the dedicated staff. Your external community links from the café through to the college partnerships are commendable. The commitment of the Head Teacher, SMT and Eco-Schools coordinator to ‘Learning for Sustainability’ is exemplary. There is a whole school approach to sustainable development education – through the curriculum, the way the buildings and grounds are run and through the leadership, culture, community links and ethos of the school. Congratulations on your Green Flag renewal.


Thank you for your very valuable continuing support of the work of FEE and Keep Scotland Beautiful – Eco-Schools Scotland. Your brilliant example will encourage other schools and communities in Clackmannanshire to pursue sustainable living. Your young advocates will make a real difference.

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